We invest in undervalued edtech startups across the globe and bring them to the US market with our marketing department
EdTech Booster Capital
US/Global market
I am 6’7 and played basketball for 11 years
I am a GP of EdTech Booster and live in Silicon Valley
I am originally from Ukraine
EdTech company with annual revenue of 5 million dollars
Over 13 years of experience developing EdTech projects
Who is the GP of the fund?
I grew up from an english tutor to a franchise network
This is me in 2010 being an englis private tutor
This is a graphic of our entrepreneur’s traction
After-learning centers
Annual revenue
We started from 0 and grew up to a franchise network including
We sold the company after the pandemic had started
Attract founders
Validate products and teams
Launch and scale startups
Based on that we created EdTech Booster Capital
We can replicate our previous success because we already know how to:
3 facts about our fund
We attract more than 500 EdTech startups every month
We make 500+ startups
We launch digital marketing campaigns to test the founder’s product in the US market, validate CAC and potential economic unit before investing
Unique Validation
No one does it better.
No one does it better.
We enter startups at low valuations and get extra equity for marketing services
High ROI
US/Global market
We help startups enter the US market and 5x their value in 1 year
Early stage valuation in local markets is ≈ $2M
Early stage valuation in the US market is ≈ $10/20M
Our mission is to help talented EdTech founders all over the world fulfil their potential regardless of their background
Edtech entrepreneur for 12 years
Former semi-pro basketball player
Harvard and Stanford Alumnus
Mentor in top edtech accelerators
Based in SF
Alex Pudov
General Partner
Experienced Angel investor
105 startups invested
5 unicorns in portfolio
Based in SF
Muema Lombe
Investing Partner
Experienced VC attorney
A.B. Harvard / J.D. Univ. of Pennsylvania
Personal approach to each startup
Based in Austin
Outside Counsel
Jose Padilla
Who are in the team?
Also we have 8 people in our marketing team
Also we have 8 people in our marketing team
We already have startups that need funding
The Frenalytics project helps older people with cognitive impairments to preserve their memories for as long as possible using a special online application.
Matt Giovanniello
CEO, Co-founder
Based in the USA
my Learnie
"my Learnie" is an application that makes useful content understandable and accessible. The app unites influencers from different niches: beauty, fashion, psychology, health. The application works by subscription and shows short useful videos of the interests of its users.
Pete Mastin
CEO, Founder
Based in the USA
The Literacy Future
A socially significant project that helps people from all over the world learn to read and write. There is a high percentage of illiteracy all over the world. A unique teaching method solves this problem.
Daniela de Paiva
CEO, Co-founder
Based in Brazil
The market of programmers in the USA has more than 14 million people. Many of them have questions and need a mentor. The Mentro platform helps in this matter. You can find your own programming coach for any level of difficulty. Whether you are new to the niche or an experienced professional.
Jaideep Prasad
CEO, Founder
Based in India
Is a leading platform for students in the MENA region to apply to universities worldwide using a single application form. With integrations to global universities in more than 25 countries MyUniPath streamlines the application process for students & empowers them with the right tools to embark on their journey for higher education.
Khaled Arwani
United Arab Emirates
We will invest in 50 startups in 5 years investment period
For the 1st year of fund we need $1.5M to invest in 10 startups
We are raising $700K this year
$600K Invested by other investors
$200K Invested by Alex Pudov
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EdTech Booster Capital