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Date: September 8 / Time: 09 AM PDT
How do you spot a unicorn among multiple EdTech startups?
3 simple rules BY Alex Pudov
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Business angels
Private investors
Family Office
EdTech entrepreneurs
EdTech founders
I am 6’7 and played basketball for 11 years
I am a GP of EdTech Booster and live in Silicon Valley
I am originally from Ukraine
EdTech company with annual revenue of 5 million dollars
Over 13 years of experience developing EdTech projects
3 common mistakes in investing in startups
how to help the founder create a successful product
why is it important to validate a startup via digital marketing before investing in it?
how to understand the project is expecting a rapid growth and high roi
what are the main criteria for a potentially successful founder?
how to attract more than 500 EdTech startups monthly with the help of digital marketing
Issues to be discussed at the online event
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You are tired of looking for high-quality startups and want to find a simple solution
You want to understand how to recognize a successful startup at a very early stage
You are interested in investing in startups with a high ROI and you are looking for a fund for it
You like the edtech niche and want to learn more about investing in it
Networking is important to you and you want to join a community of like-minded people from all over the world
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