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Business coach
She will help you discover your potential and how to build a step-by-step plan to achieve your goal
Yogi Master
She has been practicing yoga since she was 16. She posts her workouts everyday to keep your body and soul in harmony
Beauty blogger
She will tell you how to look perfect every day!
20 years of experience
She will tell you how to live a full life in your age
Dance master
She will help to get rid of sadness through dancing
Elder Blogger
She shows by her experience that life doesn’t end after retirement. She started doing sport after 65 years
She will tell you about fashion and how to combine casual clothes every day!
She will help you to have a healthy diet and inform you about useful products
Food blogger, Mom
She will share secrets on how to become a blogger with a child
Makeup artist, model
She shares her experience of using many cosmetics. She will also demonstrate how to use working live hacks on yourself
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