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She is Mom is about every woman who wants more out of her professional and personal lives, who wants purpose, who has a dream, who knows there is something out there for her but doesn't know where to start.

Many women in today’s modern workforce face a similar challenge of balancing a career with the responsibilities of parenthood, so they find themselves in the difficult situation of having to choose between family life and a career.

Together, we can make things happen, we can rely on each other, and we can find solutions to problems we thought impossible.
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Understand where to move on after the birth of a child. How to build your goals?
Attitude in the family. Find harmony and understanding with your loved ones.
Change your career. Choose a new profession while at home.
How to regain self-confidence and find the strength to return to work?
Find a community of like-minded people. Active mothers of leaders.
How to stop worrying about your child and think about yourself
How to build your personal brand for your career
Become a mentor yourself and help other young mothers
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